All schools in Sumter School District offer well-balanced and nutritious breakfasts and lunches in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines.  A standard breakfast will include a protein such as sausage, cheese, or egg, low-fat milk, fruit or fruit juice and a variety of whole wheat grains (bread).  The standard lunch includes a choice of meat or other protein, at least two vegetables, fruit or fruit juice, whole wheat grains (bread), and milk.  Middle and high school students also have a la carte options.

All lunch and breakfast meals in Sumter School District are free of charge to all students.  No meal applications are required or will be accepted.  Lunches are available for purchase for those who do not want to accept a free meal.  Students will still use a personal ID number to account for their meals and allow their individual account balances to be maintained for a la carte meals.  Parents may put money on their student’s account by the quarter or through the entire school year.

For questions regarding the school food service program, contact Leon Williams, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, at 803-499-5950, ext. 109.

Sumter School District is a USDA equal opportunity employer and provider.