Administrative Office

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Dorothy Anderson
Title I Budget Analyst
Rachel Ardis
Power School Assistant
Deborah Ardis
Adult Ed Community Education Coordinator
Frank Baker
Jeanette Barkley
Accounts Payable Specialist
Lucille Barnes
Executive Assistant to Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Rita Beard
Director of Career and Technology Education/ROTC
Shirley Blassingame
Adult Ed
Richard Boisvert
Adult Ed
Joan Bonner
Transcripts/Records Clerk
Sheree Boozer
Director of Teacher Recruitment
Pam Bordeaux
Payroll Specialist
Judy Boyce
Data Clerk
Melissa Boyce
Data Clerk
Leslie Boykin
Leave Specialist
Kelly Brian
IT Dept Technology Assistant
Becky Brian
Print Shop Supervisor
Shirley Brown
Transcripts/Records Clerk
Donna Brunson
PowerSchool Administrator
Melissa Carraher
Executive Assistant to Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Stacey Champagne
Food Service Field Supervisor
Janaeda Clark
Administrative Assistant
Shelby Collins
IT Department
Linda Collins
Innovation Specialist
Dee Cook
Food Service Procurement Specialist
Tina Davis
Executive Assistant to Dana Fall and Dr. Roosevelt Miott
Loretta Davis-Clark
Food Services Fiscal Specialist
Butch DeWit
IT Dept
Libby DuBose
Director Early Childhood Education
Beth Dukes
Food Services Office Support Specialist
Hammie English
Payroll Manager
Melissa Epps
Innovation Technology Specialist
Sandy Erario
Substitute Specialist
Delia Figarsky
Adult Ed
Samuel Figarsky
Adult Ed
Betty Floyd
Coordinator of Maintenance Finance
Elaine Freed
Benefits Administrator A-K
Barney Gadson
21st Century HYPE Director
Shelly Galloway
Public Information and Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
Joe Gamble
IT Dept
Ingrid Geddis
Executive Secretary to D. Trombly, C. Carnes, Dr. J. McLeod, and D. Hill
Sherry Glidewell
Accounts Payable Manager
Betty Goldson
Adult Ed
Cynthia Graham
Director of Literacy Programs
Keasha Grant
Innovation Technology Specialist
Christopher Griner
Chief Financial Officer
Rusty Gulledge
Transcripts/Records Clerk
Shawn Hagerty
Director of Specialized Programs
Bessie Hannibal
Title One Support
Amy Hansen
Administrative Manager to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees
Emma Hawthorne
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Finance and Accounts Payable
Valarie Haywood
Adult Ed
Vivian Herriott
Leave Specialist
Lydell Hickmon
IT Dept
Susan Hinkle
Food Services Field Support Specialist
George Hoots
IT Dept
Loisann Horne
Accounting Specialist
Sherry Jackson
Adult Ed
Hanna Jackson
Classified Support Specialist
Reggie James
Network Administrator
Kitty Jamison
Administrative Assistant to Attendance and Homebound Services
Robert Johnson
Small Engine Mechanic
Arpad Jonas
Director of Information Technology
Frances Keller
Certification/Evaluation Analyst
Avery Kelly
IT Dept
Michael Kelly
Martha Kelly
Medicaid Specialist
Emily Kimpton
Coordinator of ELA
Carla King
Coordinator of Mathematics
John Koumas
Director of Support Services, Coordinator of SS/Modern Languages
Karen Lang
Information System/E-Rate Specialist, Administrative Assistant to David Laws
Fannie Lanon
Adult Ed
David Laws
Director Instructional Technology Secondary
Cornelius Leach
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Patricia Leasure
School Psychologist
Jamie Lessard
Innovation Technology Specialist
Mary Lowder
Adult Ed
Gwen Mack
Recruitment Specialist
Linda Martin
HR Secretarial Substitute
Laura Matthews
School Psychologist
Bobby McClary
Mail Clerk
Arlene McCloud
Administrative Assistant to Libby DuBose
Kathy McCoy
Benefits Administrator L-Z
Marie McCray
Adult Ed
David McDaniel
IT Dept
David McDowell
St. John Custodian
Ashley McDuffie
IT Department
Jade McLeod
Director of Instruction
Priscilla McLeod
Adult Ed
Cyndi McLeod-Green
Transportation Area 3 Supervisor
Nancy McMillan
Executive Director of Finance
Anne McNair
Accounting Manager and Pupil Activity
Angel Mickens
Transportation Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist
Robin Mixon
Prevention Specialist
Kathy Morrison
Coordinator of Intervention Services
Janet Newman
Worker’s Compensation Specialist
Judy Overstreet
Payroll Specialist
Amy Pace
Adult Ed
Valentin Petrus
Web Developer
Amanda Price
IT Dept
James Pulliam
IT Dept
Thomas Ragin
IT Dept
James Sanders
PowerSchool Specialist
Ovidiu Savulescu
IT Dept
Willard Scott
Computer Technician
Chauntae Scott
IT Dept
Lillarweise Seymore
Administrative Assistant
Mary Sheridan
Public Information and Community Services Coordinator
Alexis Shook
Food Service Accountability Specialist
Eyvonne Smiling
Adrienne Smith
St. John Daycare Supervisor
Lori Smith
Coordinator of Science/Fine Arts
Barbara Stuckey
Adult Ed
Sharon Teigue
Adult Ed Director
Thomas Teigue
Adult Ed Technology Coordinator
Maria Thomas
Coordinator of Attendance Services
Lenoir Thompson
Special Education Administrative Assistant
Kathy Thynes
Adult Ed
David Trombly
Director of Assessment and Accountability, ESOL, Title III
Carola Venticinque
Adult Ed
Jerome Wells
Leon Williams
Director of Food Services
Lori Williams
Adult Ed
Arthena Woods
Title I Director


Name  Email
Ismail Alamin
Head Custodian
Delia Bele
Sharron Billie
Monica Brunson
Occupational Therapist
Stephanie Burns
School Psychologist II
Phaedra Carolina
Child Find Facilitator
Dana Fall
Assistant Superintendent
Tracey Floyd
Kimberly Fort
Contracted Speech Language Pathologist
Rebecca Gardom
Vision Therapist
Casey Gooch
Contracted Speech Language Pathologist
William Greene
Jerri Hallman
Physical Therapist Assistant
Rachel Hamilton
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Corinne Hill
RN, School Nurse
Cindy Jennings
Social Worker
Cynthia Josey
School Social Worker
Melissa Knotts
School Psychologist
Ardianne Mack
Occupational Therapy Assistant/COTA/L
Tonia Major
ESOL Teacher
Lara McAlister
Coordinator Special Education
Ramona McFadden
Administrative Assistant
Vivian McGhaney
SPED Curriculum Coordinator
Lolita McKeller
LPN, School Nurse
Wendy McLeod
Contracted Speech Pathologist
Angela McLeod
Lead Speech Language Pathologist
Julia Nelson
Executive Director of Sumter First Steps
Lauren Olson
Christina Owens
School Psychologist
Beth Powell
Megan Powell
School Psychologist
Megan Powell
Physical Therapist
Amanda Reed
Physical Therapy Assistant
Lindsey Roberts
Speech Language Pathologist
Jennifer Roberts
Sign Language Interpreter
Bernadetta Robinson
Counselor Special Services
Krista Roscoe
School Psychologist
Bertie Roth
School Psychologist
Tamra Smith
Abby Smith
Deana Strickland
Vision Teacher
Joni Summersett
Lead Psychologist
Genovia Thomas
Administraive Assistant
Melissa Timmons
Ulandy Vaughn
Terrie Walden
Ebony Washington
Compliance Case Manager
Hannah Williamson
School Psychologist Intern