Resources for Parents and Students

What additional support will my child receive?

  • Students identified as special needs with an IEP or a 504 plan may participate in additional class sessions designed to provide supplemental instruction to meet goals.
  • Students identified as English Language Learners will participate in additional class sessions that are designed to support and promote language proficiency.
  • Students identified as Gifted and Talented will participate in class sessions designed to provide enrichment and promote academic growth.


My child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP). How will the goals be addressed?

  • The Office of Student Support Services is committed to providing students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education.
  • The LEA ensures to the greatest extent possible that students with disabilities will receive special education and related services outlined in each Individualized Education Program.
  • Parents will be contacted by the lead teacher/case manager to discuss the current IEP and the service delivery model.  The IEP team and parents will collaborate to implement the plan.
  • Each team will monitor students’ progress while delivering appropriate services.  Students with disabilities will be given the same opportunities as their non-disabled peers.
  • Teachers will have professional development that addresses virtual learning and social emotional learning.


My child has a 504 plan.  How will his/her accommodations be addressed?

  • The district will continue to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities as general education students, including the provision of FAPE and accommodations under Section 504.
  • The district will continue to implement and provide accommodations as listed in individual 504 accommodation plans under Section 504.
  • 504 plan meetings will be held to assess and determine each student’s individual needs in order to access the educational services provided in the current service delivery model.
  • The students’ progress will be monitored on an ongoing basis.