Additional teachers, teacher’s assistants, or substitute teachers can be added to each of your classrooms. In order to add additional teachers, they must first have a GoGuardian Teacher account registered at manage.goguardian.com

There are three different levels of access:

  • Owners
  • Teachers
  • Helpers

*Note: You must have either co-teacher or co-owner access in order to view scheduled sessions for a classroom. 


Adding Teachers

  1. Select your classroom and click the Teachers tab.
  2. Click Add Teacher.
  3. Search for a user within your domain.
  4. Pick a permission level from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Add Teacher.
    *NOTE: If a user does not appear in the drop-down menu, they do not have a GoGuardian account. Please ask a Super User to provide them with an account at manage.goguardian.com.

Removing Teachers


  1. Select your classroom and click on the Teachers tab.
  2. Find the user and click on Remove to right of their name and role.
  3. Click on Remove Teacher from the confirmation pop-up.