MINOR OFFENSES: Specific rules will be identified in each classroom and rules that are broken are considered minor offenses. After three verbal warnings of minor offenses, the child will be given a written referral, which will be sent home. Parents will be asked to sign and return the referral. Referral consequences shall include time out or removal of privileges from fun activities. After three written referrals, the caregiver will send a letter of probation outlining the expectations of the child. If improvement is not made within the period specified in the letter, the child will be dismissed from the program for one to three days.

MAJOR OFFENSES: Major offenses include fighting, stealing, flagrant misbehavior, etc. For such acts, the school’s discipline policy will be followed. Weapon/drug possession will result in immediate dismissal with no return to the program. Children who are dismissed from the program for misbehavior or attendance are not allowed to return to the program for a period of six months from the date of dismissal.