Partners in Education Logo

For Students                                                                                                             


  • Serve as mentors and/or tutors
  • Conduct class presentations on careers, special interests and workforce expectations
  • Provide worksite tours
  • Provide career exploration – job shadowing, employment information and/or internships
  • Sponsor events- cultural, fine arts, athletics, field trips
  • Participate in/sponsor clubs – social, character development and/or service-oriented
  • Sponsor and/or assist with special events, in-school contests, science/math fairs, summer camps and/or scholarships
  • Support students’ personal and professional development – display students’ work, invite students to speak and/or invite school band or choir to perform


  • Supply awards/incentives to support academic achievement and improvement, attendance and citizenship

For Staff                                                                                                                               

  • Provide information/resources to increase understanding of the skills needed in the workplace, thus assisting in lesson-plan development and student preparation
  • Sponsor continuing-education scholarships
  • Sponsor leadership, team building and/or management sessions
  • Host and facilitate workshops
  • Provide worksite tours
  • Provide management/financial/technical consultants
  • Supply awards/incentives to support recognition programs
  • Provide classroom supplies

For Parents                                                                                                                           

  • Sponsor life-skills presentations
  • Support PTA activities
  • Sponsor GED/literacy classes
  • Provide worksite tours and career exploration workshops
  • Provide computer training


  • Support PR efforts for school events
  • Assist with exterior/interior building and grounds improvement
  • Participate in fund raising efforts – start an internal matching campaign
  • Provide school supplies
  • Sponsor in-school contests for students, parents, faculty and staff

What Schools Can Provide to Partners                                         

  • Lend space for business meetings (for small business partners)
  • Provide artwork for display in company facilities and/or holiday cards
  • Provide school band/chorus entertainment at company functions – during special events and holiday functions
  • Provide public tributes – partnership recognition ceremonies/awards and articles highlighting the partners in local school and school newsletters and morning announcements
  • Collaborate in community service activities – food drives and charity walks
  • Students to participate in co-op programs or internships