As a part of our continuous improvement, Sumter School District has implemented an updated Code of Conduct, designed to foster a safe, inclusive, and conducive learning environment for all students within our school district. This new code reflects our commitment to promoting respect, empathy, and responsible citizenship, and it aims to empower every student to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Elementary Code of Conduct

Middle School Code of Conduct

High School Code of Conduct

Student Conduct Away from School Grounds or School Activities

Extenuating, Mitigating, or Aggravating Circumstances

Discipline of Students with an Identified Disability

It is the opinion of the board that acceptable student behavior, including the following criteria, is to be expected from all students:

  • respect to peers, faculty, and staff exhibited through actions and speech
  • pride in personal and school property exhibited by taking care of the physical building and respecting the property rights of others
  • desire and effort toward educational achievement are to be priorities as exhibited by following teacher/staff direction; reporting to class promptly and consistently; and being prepared to work without interfering with instruction
  • obedience to all laws, discipline code, rules, and community norms

The board believes that all students should receive fair and consistent discipline when school rules are violated. Therefore, this definitive code on student discipline was developed with the assistance of parents/legal guardians, students, teachers, and administrators from Sumter School District.

This code will be in effect at bus stops, en route to and from school or school activities, on school buses or in any other school vehicles, on school grounds, at school and all school-sponsored activities, both on and off campus, and any time or any place where the conduct has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline in the district’s schools, buildings, or grounds.

Copies of this code, or a summary thereof, will be transmitted at the beginning of the school year to the parents/legal guardians of each student attending schools in the district. School staff, students, and bus drivers will be trained in this discipline system each year.

Students in grades kindergarten through 12 will participate in code of conduct instructional sessions. Teachers and students will document that instruction has occurred. After instruction has been completed, principals will sign and submit an attestation form to the discipline office.

Each school will provide intervention strategies that address or redirect maladaptive behaviors.