2018 June 28 Regular Meeting Agenda

2018 Financial Report Revenues and Expenditures

Resolution to Suspend Millage Limitation

Resolution for 2018 TAN

2018 Financial Report FY 2019 Budget

Board Policy IKFC – Employability Credential 

Board Policy ADC- Tobacco-free 

Board Policy DDB- Online Fundraising 

Board Policy JFABD- Admission of Homeless Students 

Board Policy JFABF – Students in Foster Care

Board Policy JICG- Tobacco-free

Board Policy JJIE-  Interscholastic Athletics Drug Testing

Board Policy KFA- Community Use of School Recreational Areas

Board Policy KLGA – School Resource Officers

Board Policy GBED Tobacco-Free

Board Policy IC – School Year

Board Policy IHAQ Career Transition-To-Work Education

Board Policy IKADD – Content and Credit Recovery New

2018 EHS Governance Report for June 21 Meeting