Ad Hoc Committee



In 2011, Sumter School District Two (county) and Sumter School District 17 (city) consolidated to become one single school district known as Sumter School District. The attendance areas have not been realigned since the consolidation took place, and inefficiencies exist across the current district in terms of transportation and building utilization. The primary objective is to examine the district’s attendance areas at all three grade cohort levels (elementary, middle, and high) with a focus on establishing a feeder system that best meets the needs of ALL students in Sumter.

Project Objectives

  • Explore and develop district realignment options through a committee and community-based process, leading to a recommendation from the consultant, Cropper GIS Consulting (Cropper).

  • Focus on developing options and recommendations for all school levels within the county that best meet the district’s realignment criteria.

  • Address imbalances in utilization of schools, as some schools are over-utilized while others are under-utilized.

  • Address transportation inefficiency concerns of students and communities. Try to establish zones that enable students to attend schools closer to home, if possible, while adhering to the other realignment criteria.

  • Recommend a plan to be approved by the School Board in March 2022.