ST1.8: STEM learning outcomes demonstrate students’ STEM literacy necessary for the next level of STEM learning for post-secondary and workforce readiness.

Self Assessment Score: 3

To strengthen STEAM at Alice Drive we must collect data to support the effectiveness of student learning and continuously reflect on the structures and practices in place in the classrooms. The outcome from the data demonstrate the extent to which students’ have acquired the literacies necessary for the next level of STEAM learning and for postsecondary and workforce readiness. Our strength is in our use of rubrics and journals, written and oral, for assessment and reflection. We also analyze our formative and summative data to determine growth and needs. We continue to get input from teachers and students. We are weak in the frequency in which we implement reflection into our practices. We also need to strengthen our use of how and why we use formative data in our daily STEAM instruction.

STEAM Journals

Every six days our students participate in STEAM Lab because it is part of the Related Arts rotation schedule. Every student keeps a STEAM journal to document his/her understanding of the Engineering Design Process. Students use their journals to plan and document important information in their creative learning process as well as make predictions, record observations, take notes, create drawings, etc. Some journal entries are based on Project Lead the Way activities where the Engineering Process is fully implemented. They use the same journals from year to year so we use them to track their STEAM journey.

School Wide Rubric

Therefore, we have recently created a new ADE school-wide rubric in hopes of tracking the student’s depth of learning in the STEAM process. A teacher rubric as well as a student rubric was created as a formative assessment tool to track the STEAM learning process. They provide our school with a more accurate and consistent look at our progress as a STEAM school. The teachers have been asked to use the rubrics two to three times a quarter. The teachers may use the rubrics as a class grade. Our ultimate goal is to move away from graded assignments to project based assignments assessed through rubrics. Assessing and understanding the 5 C’s of 21st Century Learning is equally important qualitatively.  In the following videos you will see how our teachers ensures that their students are progressing; not just in content but in practice and skill as well. 


STEAM Writing Samples and Student STEAM Surveys

At the end of the 2019 school year, some of our students responded to a writing prompt about STEAM. We wanted to know what they thought of STEAM, what it meant to them, what they liked or did not like, and what they hoped to see in STEAM next year at ADE. The students also completed a district STEAM survey at least twice throughout the 2018-2019 school year. We collected this qualitative data in order to improve students’ content knowledge, STEAM competencies, and readiness. We use this data to monitor our students’ successful transitions to the next level of STEAM. 


Standardized Testing

One of our overriding goals is to make sure that we prepare our students for their next step. We are a data driven school, and we take the time to analyze our data for each student and teacher. We strategically use the information from our standardized tests to support our teachers, and to improve our student’s academic success.  In addition to standardized data, we assess in many formative and summative ways. As STEAM learners, we are seeking outcomes in growth of the 21st Century Skills on a regular basis. Standardized testing gives us the quantitative information we need to ensure content is understood and to allow us to make informed decisions in regards to curriculum.

Current Report Card

Alice Drive Elementary received an “Average” rating last year for the 2018 report card grade. Currently, in 2019, we improved to a “Good” ; only three points away from “Excellent.” The report card grade is comprised of standardized test scores, parent survey results, student survey results, teacher qualifications, parent involvement, student safety, and much more. We are so proud of our school’s hard work and accomplishments.